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Youth Test

If you complete your Youth Test before your 18th birthday you will only pay the Camping Club Youth membership subs of £5.00 until you reach your 21st birthday.

The test is made up of:


This may all sound a bit much if you are new to camping but we will be arranging mock test weekends throughout the year and we will have sessions and time put aside at weekends to make learning these new skills fun.

The training leads to a test weekend, where you are expected to be totally self-sufficient, cater for yourself all weekend with a balanced diet and show the testers your knowledge of map reading and first aid. Once passed, the world is your oyster!

Being a Youth member is not all about taking your test though. It's about joining in with others at events throughout the year like the Regional Meet, National Youth Rally, International Youth Rally as well as our own DA weekends

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