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Welcome to South Lincolnshire DA's Youth Section

Maxine and Darren Snaith.

We would like to introduce ourselves as the youth leaders of South Lincs D.A .We took this role over towards the end of last year after being assistant youth leaders. Darren and I are also ex members of the CCY many years ago, (few) after meeting while we were both members of the club. I am pleased to say our daughter enjoys her time in the youth. There is another couple who were also members back in the day and they also have a daughter as a member too!

We do camp most weekends and will endeavour to have as many CCY areas as possible. We as a DA are hosting this years Regional CCY Summer meet at Winthorpe Cricket ground near Newark on the 6th - 8th May 2016 and Central Counties are hosting the National CCY meet at Worksop Rugby Club on the 1st -3rd July 2016 which we will be attending along with our youth where they will have plenty of fun and meet lots of like minded kids.

Next years CCY meet is being held in _ so we are fund raising to help take the youth over which will be a great experience.

We will also encourage them to take their youth test so they are able to attend the Internationals if they wish.

We now have assistant youth leaders to help us so I can introduce Kevin and Janet Hobson on board with a big thank you who also have a granddaughter in the youth too.

As well as the youth we also have several CCJ's one being our son one being the grandson of Kevin and Janet and several others who can't wait to become fully fledged members of the CCY.

If you would like any more information please do not hesitate to contact us or come out camping for the weekend and talk to us then.

Maxine & Darren Snaith

Kevin & Janet Hobson

With CCY, you can:


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