Member’s Loyalty Scheme

Members camping at a South Lincolnshire District Association Meet or Temporary Holiday Site will earn ‘credits’ every time they camp.

Members who obtain 10 credits in and two consecutive calendar year period will be entitled to one free ’standard’ weekend on a South Lincolnshire District Association Meet.

  • One credit will be awarded per Meet/THS, regardless of the number of nights camped.
  • Members who camped with South Lincolnshire District Association during 2021 only need 9 credits during 2021/2.
  • Each calendar year will commence on the 1st January and end on 31st December.
  • Any credits earned during year 1 of the 2 year period will automatically become null and void at the end of year 2, with year 2 becoming year 1 for the next 2 year period.
  • Credits are not awarded to:
    1. Stewards of the meet.
    2. Members camping on a free standard weekend.
    3. Members camping at the Chairman’s weekend .
  • The Members Loyalty Scheme is run and administered by The Treasurer on behalf of the Committee.
  • The Committee reserve the right to cancel the scheme at any time.
  • The Committee with have the final say in any disputes.